Speech Therapy


Program Definition and Services Provided

Department Staffing

The Speech Therapy Department consists of a team of certified speech-language therapists whose training and practice includes assessing, planning, and implementing speech-language therapy programs for students with communication needs.

Services Provided

Speech-language therapy services are provided in individual, group, or classroom support sessions within a variety of settings throughout the school, community or supported employment settings. The student’s Individualized Educational Plan provides the direction for the particular services that will be implemented. Additionally, each speech-language therapist works collaboratively with parents, teachers, classroom staff, occupational therapists and physical therapists to promote the highest level of communication for each student.
Mealtime management and dysphagia treatment programs are available to students who require assistance with eating, drinking or advancing their variety of foods or textures in collaboration with the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Department.

Therapy Approaches

In addition to the collaborative team approach, the speech-language therapists, based on the needs of each student, may utilize the following:

  • Augmentative communication systems in the form of communication boards
  • Picture exchange communication
  • Sign Language
  • Electronic voice output devices