Adolescent Programs


Program Definition and Services Provided

As part of their classroom experience, students in the adolescent program have an opportunity to receive specialized pre-vocational training in the pre-vocational center. The goals are to enhance positive work attitudes, improve attention to task, promote direction following and work persistence to task completion. Jobs include sorting, collating and packaging tasks. Pre-vocational training is the home of Kids Works, a higher level program where students take orders for items such as helium filled balloon bouquets and goodie bags; complete the work necessary; and sell the completed products.

The Learning and Doing Daily Employment Routines (LADDER) program is specifically designed for the adolescent student. Students in this program are taught about the world of work along a continuum of classroom jobs, to school jobs, to supported employment. For example, a student may take the daily attendance records to the office or perhaps spend one to three hours a week under the supervision of a job coach. We look at each student individually to provide them with job sampling during their adolescent years to determine where they may be most proficient and, therefore, successful. Our target for supported job placement in the community is age 14.

Weekly, the students prepare a salad bar for approximately 100 staff members and fellow students. They do food shopping, processing, storing and salad bar set up. On the day of salad bar, a student cashier is on station to secure staff and student monies. In this way, the students learn to conceptualize the exchange of money for services. Students are also responsible for the operation of vending machines located on the school campus.

All students are involved in a variety of off-campus activities that include instruction in such recreation and leisure skills as bowling, golf, and tae kwon do.